Year of the Rooster – 2017

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there”

So far everything that I have worked for has gone to plan, I went to university..studied engineering.. moved to Brisbane (“the big smoke”).. landed a killer job in a consultancy firm.. and am on track to become a charted Engineer. To be honest with everyone, I am not enjoying any of it! Not the City, Consulting or the purpose I am working towards.. so it is time for some unseasoned change!!

So this year, during year of the Rooster, I am jumping tracks, mixing things up and hoping to discover a new perspective on life. I am looking to get my spark of passion and energy back!

I have a long list of rather ambitious plans that I want to cross off over the course of 2017/2018. To keep track take a look at my overview and stay tuned on my blog if you would like to keep up with my (no doubt) disastrously fun adventures! Carpe Diem ~seize the day~ 🙂

  • Get qualified to guide outdoor leadership activities – this lifestyle isn;’t for me… prefer to keep lifestyle on profession seperate
  • WA climbing technician for outback initiative – this lifestyle isn;’t for me… prefer to keep lifestyle on profession seperate
  • Learn to Mountaineer
  • Move to New Zealand for earthquake relief
  • Help on earth quake recovery
  • Van Life 
  • Find a PHD in Environmental Robotics
  • Dive with Manta Rays
  • Learn Spanish
  • Work at LGA in south America or Cambodia.
  • Learn the Guitar
  • Become Trad Queen
  • Handstand Push-up
  • Knee bar to far
  • Lead the totem pole – a 2 pitch 65m climb – grade 24, 25
  • High flow canyoneering
  • Apply for google grant
  • Knit a pair of socks
  • Undertake ‘year of the Art’
  • First assent of canyon