My name is Jacinda Boully, I am a cheeky, erratic, fun loving, impatient adventurer with to many things on my to do list!

I grew up with my 2 brothers (Ashton and Andrew) on a floodplain in south west Queensland, which in my opinion was the best way of life. It was here that my family farmed sheep, cattle, grain and cotton. Our property was call “KELSO” and the closet town (more appropriately a Hamlet) was a 30 minute drive away. At Hebel I made the 9th person in my school.


At age 11, I was sent away to boarding school to complete my education.. It was at this point that my world started to change, I made a new family and I started to realise how big the world was. I ended school with the dream to become an engineer and help solve environmental issues.. and so I exceeded my wildest dreams and studied engineering and Finance at a University in Toowoomba.

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After working as an engineer for a few years, I decided that I want more in life than doing science and working in a corporate world where there is no such thing as connection. I want to develop relationships with communities again and apply science in practice to help solve environmental issues…. So, I have begun on a pursuit to find out how I can best re-engineer my day to day life to have an influence in a huge yet shrinking world, that I find acceptable while still bound by my adventurous life style choices.