Wind in my hair.. Riding on water

I stand on Stradbroke Island squishing my feet in the sand and looking out over the ocean which I was about to enter. I felt the wind dissipating through my body as it roared over the sand dunes in vortex like arrays. This was good. No.. Wait.. this was better.. It was unbelievable!


I started pumping up my kite, I saw the bladder getting tighter and tighter until it was as solid as a rock.. There was no possible way that this kite was sinking! I strapped on the kite stings along with my slightly to large harness and asked Moti to help me launch my kite.. I got it up with no dramas at all.. The wind continued to howl past my ears but I felt like a boss as I maintained total control of my kite. As I started walking towards the edge of the sandbank with board in one hand and the other constantly on the handle bar of my kite..My heart started beating, then thudding.. Then bursting.. I felt like everyone could hear my internal stress emanating from me. It had been a long time since my last kiting expedition.

I got the straight up and started flying across the water.. This is where I loved to be! The wind flowing past my skin, the powerful force of the water being sliced by my board and the hot kiss of the sun straight on my sometimes to white skin.

I had the best day. Carpe diem! Peace out kiddies!


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