Small actions make big differences…

Every time you take a leap you begin heading into a new and often unknown direction.. In our current social arena there is some very carved out pathways that if not taken will definitely raise some eyebrows.. for better or worse.

I often wonder how many of the 7 trillion people on earth critically analyse how their individual pathway (new or old) contribute to the bigger picture; locally, nationally, internationally and even globally. AND i also wonder how many just keep following the pack.. (you know the saying about being a sheep).

There is a romantic idea about being an individual that impacts 7 trillion lives a day, however I fear that as a (sort of) community we have broadened our view to wide to not realise how small changes make big impacts.

How does our traditional lifestyle choices benefit or hinder the big picture? Are we sustainable at a local level before trying to assist others (just as in airplanes.. put your mask on before helping others)?  What changes can we make day to day to improve/sustain our future?

I challenge everybody to think outside the box, take a view from above, carve your own pathway and challenge the norm 🙂 Who knows, the end of the rope might take you to undiscovered territory that is beautifully maintained because of the small actions that were taken by everybody.


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