24hrs of hell.

Sometimes you get to a point where you think you can’t do anything more crazy and strenuous. Then Jacinda comes along and makes you do something beyond crazy..

I did a 24hr adventure race with an absolute stranger. We went to the race thinking we were doing 6hrs, and spontaneously decided to ask at the check in if it was possible to get into the 24 hr race.. they said to start planning our route and they will let us know in an hour. Fortunately (unfortunately) they said we were in! One team was sick and couldn’t race that day so we took their spot! It was a kayaking, hiking and biking race. My partner didnt know how to navigate. I love hiking and being competitive, he hates hiking and hates being competitive.. you see where i’m going with this 😛

In terms of tiredness.. there was a few times i micro napped while riding my bike into Esk and while navigating through the huge forest. Other than that I felt very comfortable completing the 24hr race.. we were still in high energy levels when finishing the race. Next time i will try to push myself harder.

Was a great adventure.


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