The Squeeze.. Satan’s smokestack

“Do i need this?” .. “Yeah, Yeah! Take that!”

“what about this?”… “take it all!”

I stepped up to the start of the finest crack at frogs buttress with not much more than a few nuts and hexes and 2 frog onsites under my belt. It was a grade 16 off width chimney with a quirky scramble to the finish. I had been told the start was the hardest section but I wasn’t prepared for what was in store.. πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Ώ 

Not knowing what to bring the trusty Nathan advised that I bring all of Andrew and Chris trad  racks on his $3 shearers gear sling to hold the somewhat 7kg (3+ trad racks ) up the 40m climb.. I had about 75 peices of pro to place. I thought this was normal so decided to start climbing (oops I forgot my shoes). 

I placed 2 slings on some boulders at the base of the climb (one of them moved) and the 0.2 kong cam behind the chock.. I was just beginning to think it was easy, then the squeezes began! It took 2 bruised knees and 2 scraped elbows, 2 sweaty hands and a lot of grunting to wiggle my way through that jam.. once through the jam.. my life changed. I zippered that crack up with everything I could and made it to the top in time for sunset! 

What a great adventure.. such a wonderful day πŸ™‚ 


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