I started 2017 of with a bang and touring the south western corner of Western Australia… WITH MY MUM! The link to the trip as it unfolded is here – WA Adventures

Following this trip I spent 3 weeks finishing up work at WBM, an environmental and water consultancy which i spent 2 years working at. Resigning was definitely a learning curve in itself, and I am really glad I made the decision to leave regardless of what anyone thinks. You can read more about my leanings in my article “Fail fast and move on..”.

Resigning gave me a chance to catch up on life and to get organised for a huge trip. Following in the footsteps of the legend Andrew Skurka I have chosen to go as lightweight as possible with my packing. In the mean time while not packing I had a chance to get out and explore Frogs butress.. this was probably the first reason that I found that I would miss Brisbane.. Frog let me figure out that I have a little bit of a sick sense of adventure when I fell in love with the climb Satans Smokestack. A classic 16 trad off width.. for those that know anything about off widths, it means pain!

In an attempt to think about what I want to do to influence the community through my professional career.. I have been thinking about small scale VS large scale… both types of thinking are necessary to create efficiency but often where things fall over is when there are disparities between the integration of both types of thinking. I am and have always been a thinker at a local level, as I hope to create unique bling in a local community (because it is more fun (and efficient) that way).

I few out of Brisbane and into Christchurch then went straight in to spending one week on the Tasman glacier in Kelman Hut learning the do’s and don’ts of mountaineering, crevasse rescue and the unspoken law of the mountains… (i.e. don’t fall…) On the trip I was able to realize that simplicity is key to mountaineering success. This learning is so true not only in the mountains but also for technical, social and artistic designs. Anyway read more at my account of the glacier in Touching the void.. Tasman glacier continues to recede every year, this is something that Humans do have an influence on… At the moment I don’t know how to best help the situation but I do know that I will help work towards a solution from now on 🙂

Achieving the impossible has always been a driver for me to progress. For the first time in a long time, Farah Forcet – the legend herself, dragged me along on a mission which I wasn’t sure I could complete. She wanted to walk 62km with +3000m elevation gains in just one day along the entire Kepler track… so believe me when I say I made sure my bivy skills were up to scratch before beginning. I enjoy the opportunity to walk alone and have time to really think with no time pressures.