Avid Adventurer

I have always had a desire to push the limits and do things that not many others would ever be willing to do or would ever consider fun. I initially thought that I did it to break the rules and rebel against the norm, however more lately I realised I sort after adventures so that I can connect with something (in this case it was our environment) as our society transforms into the anti-social robotic erer.

So.. as adventure is my muse.. I wanted to create a list of what adventures I have completed, the style of the adventure I did, who was there, and the location of the climb, date and some comments to remember all of the precious moments. So here it is:

Location Name of Climbs Date Comments
Wyllyabrup – WA Sinuosity, One for the Road December 2016 Sinuosity was the first place Mum came for a climb with me πŸ˜€
KP Slime Fresh January 2017 First Trad climb with my main man Andrew!
Burnett Creek Burnett Creek Canyon January 2017 Best canyon in SEQ! saw firefly’s on the epic exit while walking in the rain
UrbanVille Slip, Slop, Slab January 2017 I did get sunburnt… Slab climbing (ahhh..). Climbed with andrew, james, brendan, zac, josaiah and woodie
Frog Shit Heap (14) January 2017 Crack is scary!
Maroon Ruby of India (16) Australia Day 2017 First Trad multipitch with andrew, josh and chris! I did pit (2), (3) and (5). First trad anchor.
Bluies Dirty Rotten Pig (19,19,17,14); West Face of Mirrorball (19,18,17,18); Amys Corner (19 & 21) February 2017 Dirty Rotten Pig – with Steve – has 2 great rap ins through a void. great exposed climbing, very windy!! West face of Mirrorball – lead the crux, beautiful valley to climb in! Amy’s corner – hard single pitch slabs!! Pretty sure I got sandbagged there…
Bluies Empress Canyon and Grand Canyon February 2017 Small walk in’s for both. Grand canyon can be done at night to see the glow worms! Both are well worth a visit
Frog Mysterious Prostitution (16), Clockwork Orange (16) February 2017 Frog is brilliant! Decided to project Satans Smokestack!
Tibro Slider (22), Madder (25) February 2017 Top Roped Madder after Mikey lead it.. it is a beautiful climb.
Tibro Troposphere (18), Hungry Beasts (20) February 2017 Brant’s first multipitch! Halfway house is awesome. Spent the day with Brant, Josh, Chris and Andrew
Burnett Creek Canyon February 2017 Epic walk in on a 41 degree day. Budda’s first canyon.. weekend for firsts.
Mt Cook NP Mt Alymer February 2017 Grade 3 mountaineering route.. daggering is an interesting concept on near vertical hard ice
Mt Cook NP Mt Hochsetter February 2017 Grade 3 mountaineering route.. walking along the ridge line
Mt Aspiring NP Liverpool Hut March2017 Met Carl and camped in the NP beside the river.. the midgies were unberable
Fyord Land – NZ Kepler track March 2017 Did it in one day πŸ™‚
Mt Aspiring NP Mt Aspiring March 2017 See my blog post. Did it with Kyle Marr – grade 2 alpine route
The Gap Mountainbiking trails March 2017 Best day of my life – I love the feeling of flying on the jumps
Bluies Starlight/Pipeline Canyon April 2017 See blog post – did it on my own πŸ˜‰
Bluies Claustral Canyon April 2017 Did it with faz. Made it out through the old track yet again
Nowra Tianjara Falls, Thompsons Point, Grotto, Point Perpendicular April 2017 Did it with faz.