South America

When I first began a career as an Engineer, my passion bubbled from every word. I was literally blinded by what I might now call a naive vision. I imagined that there was a life time full of opportunities to collaborate and solve. Never once did I doubt that if I learnt enough maths and science that I could help eradicate climate change, bring back the Koals to Kelso and rectify the natural environment to a state that allows us to coexist peacefully.. after all the environment is my only playground!

After finishing my degree I worked for 2 years as a Flood Engineer and started to see things from a different perspective. I started to realise that not everyone in the engineering industry has a the same attitude that I have and perhaps my impact is not as tangible as I would have hoped. So, being the erratic human that I am, I have chosen to throw everything into the mixing bowl and am looking for a new perspective on life, a new way to communicate with others and a new lease of hope before coming back to continue on my mission.

This year, in the year of the Rooster, I am going to spend my time in South America learning Spanish, exploring the Amazon and tapping into a new cultures which I hope will help me understand the problem to a greater extent!

Life is to short to not always be your best self.

“Every day we have an impact, you need to decide what kind of impact is acceptable to you” – Some wise old person..